2009 Funding Round Recipients

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Trust is currently committed to funding a number of very large projects. As such the 2009 funding round was smaller than previous years with only eight applications received.

The Trustees met in March to discuss the applications and after follow ups for more information is pleased announce the following recipients for the 2009 funding round:

  • 2009/01 – Lake Kaituna and Komakorau.  Fencing associated with wetland restoration at Horsham Downs.
  • 2009/03 – Lake Maratoto Wetland Restoration. Costs associated with planting and release spraying to ensure native tree survival around the Lake.
  • 2009/04 – Blue Duck Project.  Assistance with a volunteer predator trapping programme on the Tongariro River to assist survival of the Blue Duck or ‘Whio’.
  • 2009/06 – Progress to Health. Community group undertaking cultivation of native plants to help restore the banks of the Waikato River.
  • 2009/07 – Tongariro Natural History Society. Continuing support for the Waimarino Wetland Restoration, part of the South Taupo Wetland
  • 2009/08 – Pukawa Wildlife Management Group. Local volunteers undertake pest management in the hopes of restoring abundant native bird populations at Pukawa, southern Lake Taupo