Project Update David Saxton Wetland Restoration

Thursday, 02 February 2017

Project Plan:

This project encompasses an existing 5 hectare constructed wetland. The area will be further enhanced by creating an open water canal around the edge of a willow block and conducting further mechanical and chemical willow control. Water levels will be increased and the outlet will be retrofitted with a water control structure to allow for manipulation. The current fence around the willow block is not stock proof and will be replaced with a great riparian buffer instated to provide increased nesting areas for waterfowl. A number of small islands will be placed in the newly created open water areas and planted with native grass.

Project Update:

This project has been postponed to the upcoming summer construction period. We had planned to do the earthworks during last summer’s window, but the rain started earlier than expected. The area is soft, and very dry conditions are required to get machinery into the site. The fence will be completed once willow removal has occurred as it would only serve to get in the way and likely get damaged during the construction process.