Pukawa Wildlife Management Group Newsletter – What do we do?

Monday, 07 November 2011

This newsletter focuses on what Pukawa Wildlife Management does to achieve and maintain the birdlife at Pukawa. Jean Stanley is a Trustee and manages a local group who attend to the day-to-day management of the project. Jean receives support from a few locals (mainly farmers and residents) as well as other trust members.

A network of traps and bait stations cover a large area of land and bush areas. To support this work, the Omori Kuratau people have started their own wildlife trust which will help to reduce the reinvasion of pests from the north.

Vermin are controlled by trapping and poisoning. Trapping is carried out all year and focuses on mustelids. Poisoning is carried out from September through to February when birds are most vulnerable. A particular poison called Ditrac is used because it is the most environmentally friendly of the warfarin type anticoagulant poisons.

Pukawa Wildlife Management Group service 378 traps and 180 bait stations. All work is done by unpaid voluntary labour. The work is continuous, and both financial and voluntary support is always welcomed.

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PWMT Nov2011 Newsletter