Restoration of Lake Mangahia and surrounding wetland – Update

Thursday, 08 December 2011

Lake Mangahia is a 9 hectare peat lake located south-west of Hamilton City that is surrounded by about 8 hectares of willow dominated wetland. The main objectives of the project included fencing, native planting, willow control and land retirement. Once completed, this will allow for the protection and enhancement of the wetland area, reduction in exotic biodiversity and the promotion of the lake as a flagship area for landowner led protection of a peat lake in a dairy catchment.

Following an aerial willow spray in 2009 there has been a lot of work completed on the project. Ground based willow control of 2.2 hectares was completed with about 0.8 hectares remaining in an area excluded from the aerial spray. Over 6000 native plants were planted in winter 2010, bringing the planting programme ahead of schedule, primarily due to the amount of hard work being put in by Conservation Volunteers NZ and the Lake Care Group. In December and January 2010/11, ongoing ground based willow control over 6 hectares of regenerating and/or new willow plants was completed as well as ground based spray control of other invasive weeds like royal fern and blackberry.


Check back soon for before and after photos of restored areas of the wetland.