Tongariro Natural History Society – Saving a swamp

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Waimarino Wetland is located near Motuoapa and is part of the great South Taupo Wetland. With the aid of the grant from WCEET the Tongariro Natural History Society has been working on a trial eradication of various invasive species including Pines, some water weed species and the Grey (or Pussy) Willow, a species that unchecked would eventually choke the wetland to death.

Volunteers used a variety of methods to combat the willows and other species from straight cutting and pasting the stumps to boom spraying with a helicopter using a herbicide that did not target monocotyledon species, that is the cabbage trees, sedges, toe toe and raupo.

As well as eradicating pest species the volunteers have also been monitoring endangered birds in the region and are happy to report a healthy population of fern birds and other native species in the area.

The Trust has supported the great work that the Tongariro Natural History Society has been carrying out at Motuoapa for the past five years.  It is great to see that the effects of the works are really starting to improve the health of the wetland and is inspiring other landowners in the area to invest in weed eradication programmes on their own land.